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Discussion with a young Syrian who supports his president.

His word is the mirror of a situation: he is from a city with Alawite majority, very protected by army.

What interest is it to report what is probably the result of propaganda? But I, who am I to judge it? Shouldn’t I judge what I say too ?

In what extent are we free thinking? Why is he saying that? Why do I answer like this? How to know?

-I’m 22 and I live in Syria.

- We often hear about Syria’s war.

-What do you hear about it?

-I heard there was the ‘Geneve 2’ conference…

-I’ll tell you what’s happening, because your medias don’t tell you the truth. There are no rebels here. It began as a revolution and it evolved into terrorism.

- And…Ahmad Jarba and the coalition?

- You think someone who loves his country goes abroad? They are not true Syrians.

- Who are the oppositionists, then?

-They live in Syria and reject this war.

-What should been done, to you?

- Terrorists groups should be broken. And then, together, we should find a way out. Killing each other is not the solution.

-Who told you chemical weapons were used by jihadists?

- I’m living here, I’m seeing things.

- Yes but… A few months earlier, journalists were in Damas suburb, and they took samples that proved the government used it.

-No, no, there were terrorists.

- And in Alep, what is the status of rebels?

- The city bent under jihadists groups, there are not rebels!

- But there are not only terrorists that want to throw out the government!

- The others who want the changing don’t have weapons.

- And those who don’t fight, what are they doing?

-Nothing right now. Anybody can be killed at any time. Jihadists are a danger for oppositionists too.  Now, we all have to keep calm.

- You would like that the government stays?

-  I want the best for Syria. But I like the president, as most of Syrians.

- Yet I heard about government’s repression

- Here, there are no difference between Sunnis, Shiites, Christians …We are living in peace, why would the government use chemical weapons?

- Because he wants to keep the power, and he knows that in spite of threats, the West won’t interfere, because Russia will always make opposition.

- You speak like your media.

- I tell you what I know, like you, sorry…

-don’t apologize. The government make and has made mistakes, but we have a powerful army, which will be always here to protect us, as our president. This is not a revolution. Syrians all want the same.

- This is strange, you seems to really like your president..I imagine that you don’t like western governments…

-No, I don’t like them at all. We don’t need them to solve our problems.

- I thought so. You probably prefer Poutine!

-Why? You don’t like him?

-Who does ?


-You didn’t see what he did to greenpeace activists, to homosexual’s rights and to Pussy Riots?

- No, it doesn’t tell me anything.

-Maybe you should inform yourself about it.

- Yes, I’ll do that.

-It seems that we can’t know the whole truth.

- mmm.. .yes, it seems so.








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